Leslie Lugo Band

Leslie Lugo

The Leslie Lugo Band, with a multitude of high profile entertainment experience, performs for National & International Conventions, Community and Corporate events, upscale venues, clubs, festivals and concerts.


Leslie is a versatile bilingual entertainer who effortlessly crosses musical boundaries while performing an eclectic mix of musical genres. With a powerful, soulful, raspy voice that envelopes the room, she takes the audience on a musical odyssey; from high energy dance songs to heart wrenching ballads ensuring the appropriate mood and atmosphere to fit any occasion.


The Leslie Lugo Band, with unparalleled musical diversity, has an extensive repertoire catering to a widely diverse audience from Standards, Top 40, Rock, and Jazz to Latin & Tropical rhythms, Cumbia, Salsa/Merengue, and Tejano music.


Leslie Lugo is available for bookings as a soloist, a duo, trio, band or a full orchestra depending on the venue. Whether your music choice is all English, all Spanish, or a combination of both, the Leslie Lugo band will cater to all your entertainment needs.


For Booking Information Contact Leslie@LeslieLugo.com or Call Or Text to (210) 508-1779